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Deliberate Doing, a woman-owned business, offers coaching and training services to STEM organizations and professionals by teaching interpersonal skills, career proficiency, and life mastery for career advancement and happier living!

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The essential book for all working professionals:

Career Purpose - When Work Isn't Working For You

What to do when external success fails to meet internal expectations.

Career Purpose Video: When Work Isn't Working For You
Career Purpose Video

A Key Benefit from the Newly Published Career Purpose: When Work Isn’t Working for You

Career Purpose: When Work Isn’t Working for You is your guide to creating a purposeful career, perfect for people who…

– Lack a comprehensible career vision or don’t know how to make it happen

– Are fed up trying to align their career with personal goals and desires

– Aren’t receiving the rewards they deserve
Available now on Amazon, this book offers practical tips to help master day-to-day purpose regardless of current status!

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My name is Gina Covarrubias, BSAAE, MSME, and Certified Life Coach.

I created Deliberate Doing to guide engineers and working professionals toward a purposeful career despite prevailing circumstances.

You see, after several years floundering in my own engineering career, I decided it was time to make another dream come true. I pivoted to a different profession after some tough self-reflection. Thanks to coaching, I experienced difficult yet enlightening self-awareness breakthroughs. In hindsight, I learned why much of my professional life had felt so unsettling: I falsely believed my career was supposed to make me “happy.”

As a lifelong learner, I teach others how they can set themselves up for success regardless of external factors or economic uncertainty.

Together, we work to strategize solutions for your unique situation. You walk away with mental tools and skills of critically thinking through insurmountable obstacles because deliberate thinking translates to Deliberate Doing. These critical life skills apply to every area of your life!

Deliberate Doing Coaching Philosophy: Professional growth comes from personal growth.

Deliberate Doing Areas of Specialization: Career Purpose/Path, Leadership & Employee Development, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Communication

Deliberate Doing always adheres to its Core Values:

– Autonomy

– Transparency

– Leadership

– Continuous Learning

– Creativity

Deliberate Doing practices the 4 International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competencies:

– Foundation

– Relationship Co-creation

– Communicating Effectively

– Cultivate Learning and Growth