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When Work Isn’t Working For You.

Through no fault of our own, we grow up with a limited mindset that conditions us to strive for external entities to reach success.

Worse, we are also conditioned to believe that success is associated with happiness. It is this kind of perverted system that employers can prey upon, leaving professionals powerless as they cling to their hard-earned careers in the form of career attachment.

Career attachment is a reliance on work outcomes, such as promotions or validation, to fulfill emotional needs.

Career attachment has us abdicating emotional regulation, forcing us to depend on uncontrollable results that dictate our level of happiness. It is no wonder we feel frustration or doubt when careers don’t meet expectations. Learn how to beat the system that has set your career up for disappointment!

Defeat career attachment by:

  • Taking more control over work and life
  • Mitigating the futile attachment to work outcomes
  • Creating your personal version of career purpose regardless of employment status.

Discover why careers disappoint, how to defeat the most common career mistake, and strategies for a sustainable, autonomous career. Transform your future by taking charge of your professional journey today.

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