Life Skills Course: Overcoming Career Constraints – What College Doesn’t Teach You

Overcoming Career Constraints


If you long for more in your career … or if it leaves you feeling confused, disappointed, or helpless then Overcoming Career Constraints is the perfect fit for you! Built with the STEM professional in mind, you will become confident in your own skin as your self-worth escalates, equipping you with resources to create a fulfilling future and robust life.

Each class includes a recorded video with corresponding worksheets. The videos teach fundamental life skills and tools in the context of your career. The worksheets integrate video lectures so you can apply these concepts to your life. Total course time requires approximately 12 self-paced hours, one hour per class.

Course Outcomes

  • Generate self-authority, authenticity, and critical thinking to create a healthy career.
  • Apply the above outcomes to sustain a robust and meaningful future.

Watch Module 1, Class 1 now: Why Your are Held Back

This course constitutes my absolute best and relevant career resources all in one place!

Course Outline

Module I: Career Stagnation

Propel career forward

  • Class 1: Why You are Held Back
  • Class 2: Emotional Substitution, How to Apply Thoughts & Feelings
  • Class 3: What You Can (and Cannot) Control
  • Class 4: Purpose of Goals, Career Investment

Module I Topics:

Career Indecision
Work Relationships
Imposter Syndrome

Module II: Career Dependency

Establish personal autonomy

  • Class 1: Emotional Careers and Self-Identity
  • Class 2: Self-Confidence and Self-Sabotage
  • Class 3: Autonomous Tools for Independent Life
  • Class 4: Authenticity and Vulnerability

Module II Topics:

Personal Identity
Career Outcomes

Module III: Career Unfulfillment

Create career purpose

  • Class 1: Authenticity, Leadership, Influence
  • Class 2: Where is Your Dream Job?
  • Class 3: Happiness, Success and Failure
  • Class 4: Career Purpose and Your Future

Module III Topics:


Price: $1,300 Includes lifetime access to course materials and all future updates.

Great careers are creatively customized, they are not found. But college doesn’t teach us how to ‘create’ a great career. This course equips you with non-technical fundamentals to go out and create that great career. All working professionals, whether happy, unfulfilled, or somewhere in between, will upgrade their brains and learn how to craft a sustainable, healthy future.

Everyone receives recorded lessons along with corresponding pdf worksheets. This course will be taught live again later in 2021. I will make an announcement once the dates have been finalized.

Course Testimonials

I was interested in taking this course because I felt like I was stuck in a rut at work. One of my biggest takeaways is understanding that the energy behind my actions affects my results, thanks to the STEAR energetic framework. A second major takeaway was the idea that moving on to the next job often takes the same mental baggage along, unless those things are addressed first. I recommend this course to anyone who is at a point in their career where they feel burned out and/or unsure of what they want to do next.


I was interested in taking this course because I am always trying to continuously improve myself. My biggest takeaways included failing forward and staying in my own lane. I recommend this course to anyone who has confidence issues or is looking to improve their mindset. My personal and professional life has improved drastically due to confidence I have gained from this course and the boundaries that I have learned to set. Out of all of the job related coaching I came across, Gina’s content resonated with me the most.


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Overcoming Career Constraints – What College Doesn’t Teach You