Leadership and Professional Development Group Course

Create future leaders and more team engagement through this exclusive professional development course!

This professional development course, designed exclusively for engineers and STEM professionals, builds intra- and interpersonal skills. Employees strengthen leadership, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and decision-making skills, among others. By enhancing foundational proficiencies, employees become better equipped at managing workplace nuances such as relationships, prioritization, and engagement.


The premise of this course is that professional growth comes from personal growth.

Happy employees are productive employees!

Empower and enable your employees to create a healthy life and a robust career!

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Course Premise:

Professional growth comes from personal growth.

Course Description:

This course was designed to help students and professionals build a solid internal foundation (including but not limited to upgrading their self-awareness, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, decision-making, etc.) which translates to a solid external career.

Course Outline:

Module I: Career Stagnation

Propel career forward

  • Class 1: Why You Are Held Back
  • Class 2: Emotional Substitution, How to Apply Thoughts & Feelings
  • Class 3: What You Can (and Cannot) Control
  • Class 4: Purpose of Goals, Career Investment

Module I Topics:

Career Indecision
Work Relationships
Imposter Syndrome

Module II: Career Dependency

Establish personal autonomy

  • Class 1: Emotional Careers and Self-Identity
  • Class 2: Self-Confidence and Self-Sabotage
  • Class 3: Autonomous Tools for Independent Life
  • Class 4: Authenticity and Vulnerability

Module II Topics:

Personal Identity
Career Outcomes

Module III: Career Unfulfillment

Create career purpose

  • Class 1: Authenticity, Leadership, Influence
  • Class 2: Where is Your Dream Job?
  • Class 3: Happiness, Success, and Failure
  • Class 4: Career Purpose and Your Future

Module III Topics:


Course Outcomes:

Module I – Employees recognize various ways they are held back so they can start to defeat these obstacles and create forward momentum.

Module II – Learn to lean on and depend on the self to fulfill emotional needs, which creates professional independence and expands career opportunities.

Module III – Employees discover why striving for the ‘wrong’ career outcomes will leave them disappointed, and they learn the pillars of career purpose – which is applicable to ALL despite career status!

Course Delivery Options:

Delivery of this course is available via live in-person, live webinar, or recorded replays.