#9 Are You the Human Equivalent to Your Job Title?

In other words, do you mostly (or fully) associate your human identity with your title or with your career?  Have you even thought about this question prior to now? Many professionals are emotionally tied to their careers.  And many professionals allow workplace status to spill into their personal lives.  If this is you, you are not alone.  

It is perfectly healthy to be proud of your occupation that you worked hard to earn.  What’s not so healthy is when you associate your humanness with your career.  If you equate your human value with your job title, then you have an emotional attachment to your job or to your career… which is the perfect way to set yourself up for disappointment.  An emotional attachment means your feelings/emotions fluctuate with the ebbs and flows of your career.  In other words, you rely on your career to meet your emotional needs.  When the career is good; life is good.  When the career isn’t so hot, your personal life miserably suffers.

The biggest takeaway I have to offer: your job is simply part of your human experience on this earth.  Your career and your titles do not reflect on your human worthiness.  While your chosen career is a reflection of your personal characteristics, it does not define who you are as a person.  This is important because the moment your job disappears, you’re left with you.  Is your identity going to disappear when you job goes away?  Recognize and acknowledge the person inside regardless of career status.  

Jobs are temporary.  The person within is so much more than a career.

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