#16 How do You Influence?

No matter your job title, you will always have opportunities to use your influence.  You could be an entry-level or executive professional, your ability to influence comes down to the same thing.  This is important knowledge since, over the course of your career, you may switch positions and functions several times.  Influencing others will no doubt become one of the most useful tools you can use to your advantage.

Firstly, what does the action of influence look like?  On a high level, you obviously want your employees to act in a manner such that they accomplish their goals.  Perhaps you’re in mid management, and you don’t have so much authority.  As a mid-level manager, you still request others to perform tasks, you ask for favors, you deal with many moving parts.  Your ability to influence will allow less time wasted trying to convince others to work with you.  As an entry-level or newer employee, I would argue your ability to influence is critical, especially since the responsibility to figure out what your job entails rests solely on your shoulders.

Next, how do you influence?  You start with yourself, my friends!  You work to improve ALL the internal attributes that you can control within yourself.  Then, you lead by example when engaging with others.  What I mean is: you must like yourself first before you expect others to like you; you must respect yourself first before you expect others to respect you, etc.  Do want others to listen to you – then, follow your own lead.  Do you hope others will show positive attitudes – then, be positive.  Would it be fantastic if your employees were efficiently and enthusiastically productive?  Then YOU, as their leader, must first show you are efficiently and enthusiastically productive.  Love yourself first and foremost.  When you can learn the skills of self-love and self-respect, the rest falls into place.

Others will treat you based on the way they see you treating yourself.  You are always an example to others around you.  Teach them how you should be treated.

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