#6 The Boss is Happy but You’re Not

You are more than diligent at work.  You complete tasks, you do what is expected and you get along well with others.  The boss loves you for it.  At the end of the day, you are less than satisfied.  Even though you perform well, and your boss appreciates you, you’re not loving the work.  There’s a lingering thought that won’t go away: “This work matters to my boss, but it doesn’t matter to me.”

I challenge you to think about the purpose of your job – of any job.  Is it to fulfill your intellectual desires, is it to promote your professional development, is it to produce results in exchange for benefits?  Let’s suppose the purpose of your job is to complete X,Y and Z.  In return, you receive a paycheck.  Is that not the deal you made with your employer when you accepted the offer?  You get paid to produce results.  If you find yourself professionally unsatisfied despite your boss’ praises, the answer starts from within.  I guarantee if you were to brainstorm ways to become more creative, more resourceful, more engaging, and most importantly – more giving, you could start a personal transformation.  

Firstly, if you believe your work doesn’t matter or that it isn’t fulfilling, try to think in terms of providing service.  “How can I serve my customers/colleagues today, how can I go above and beyond on this project, how can I meet someone new today, how can I engage with the person who avoids me, where are gaps I can fill, how can I help the new person, what can I do today to learn something new that will allow me to contribute more…?”

Secondly, investigate your WHY…why do you choose to currently exist in your job?  If you perform a mental deep dive, you will find your WHY is proportional to your satisfaction.  To gain more fulfillment and/or happiness, you must first understand your WHY. Then, you can work toward changing it.

In conclusion, your professional satisfaction lies in your hands.  If you can mentally perform in a way that always serves others, and if you have a powerful WHY, then job satisfaction will fall into place.

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