#1 Where Did You Go Wrong?

This includes earning one of the
most difficult bachelor’s degrees ever: engineering.  And if that wasn’t enough, you have also
earned a master’s degree.  You worked
hard to get your education because you thought it was the right thing to do.  Or, you did it because others talked about
how great your life will be afterwards.
And some people have led you down the path to believe there is a dream
job awaiting you … if only you were to get your engineering education.

But now you’ve been there done that.

You’re not satisfied.  And you feel deceived.  Maybe you know what the issue is, maybe you can’t quite put your finger on the problem.  All you know is that you’ve sacrificed a lot in life and you’re wondering where the payoff is.  You ask yourself, “Did I get the wrong degree?  Did I go to the wrong engineering school?  Can I really do this the rest of my life?”

Outsiders see your life as one of luxury.

They don’t understand the dissatisfaction in your day-today.  They may make you feel guilty for revealing your professional unfulfillment and confusion.  That’s okay; they don’t need to understand you because I do.  I know where you’re coming from and I’m here to tell you nothing is your fault.

My takeaway for today is despite what you may believe, you have done nothing wrong.

Do not blame yourself for past decisions and do not feel guilty for being dissatisfied with your engineering career.  It’s okay if you’re confused, so stop beating yourself up and please understand that many other engineers suffer the same dilemma.

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