Gina has helped change my attitude from one of contemplating a career move to satisfaction with my current job. She helped me understand how my beliefs and behaviors can be altered to positively affect my day-to-day work experience. Instead of feeling overextended, stressed, and frustrated, I’m approaching my job… [Read More]


Gina is at once a thoughtful listener and a pragmatic strategist. She has been masterful at helping me refine my goals and move forward with purpose and motivation. Her guidance is invaluable.


Gina’s coaching has truly transformed me and taught me how to tap into my potential both personally and professionally.


Undoubtedly a great coach! If you want to reach new heights, work with Gina Covarrubias! I used to question myself and replay my conversations and meetings so that I could critique myself constantly, until I met Gina. Now, I have confidence and trust in myself and my ability to… [Read More]


Gina’s coaching has helped me transform my attitude from negative to positive. Gina has taught me that it’s possible to change bad habits, and I can now say that my future looks bright. For anyone who is considering hiring Gina, they should know that she is an awesome life… [Read More]


Gina is an astute and gentle accountability partner.  Our work together provided an opportunity for me to become more aware of my self-defeating thoughts through the act of sharing them with someone trustworthy.  I had been working independently on the principles that Gina teaches but our conversations enabled me… [Read More]