My name is Gina Covarrubias, BSAAE, MSME, and Certified Life Coach

My mission is to guide technical experts out of career despair. Professional unhappiness, or career despair, comes in all forms in all industries. If you are confused, stagnant, or simply at a loss in your STEM career, then I can help.

I understand that you graduated with high hopes and expectations.

Obtaining your bachelor’s degree was one of the best choices you could have made to secure your future. The sky was the limit as a new college graduate. You were ready to start molding your future, and you couldn’t wait to start working for renowned companies whose products made you quiver with excitement. You felt on top of the world.

Do you tell yourself, “I don’t know what I want to do next”?

Or, “I can’t do this for another 30+ years… there has got to be more to life.” Well, I have been there, done that! After obtaining both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering, I found myself longing for more. The desperate search for my dream job was front and center in my life. I was unhappy. And then I became more unhappy about my unhappiness. Guilt struck me. People didn’t understand how I could be dissatisfied with what appeared to be a prestigious career.

I was on the hunt for my perfect job.

My dissatisfaction was never due to one particular job, a specific employer, or any sort of mistreatment. Rather, my short-sighted attitude guided me down a futile path. An all-or-nothing mentality spoke to me: as long as I was searching for my ‘perfect’ job, nothing else was good enough. And it never was.

Eventually I discovered the solution to my professional disappointment.

My adolescent dream was to become an aerospace engineer. I made that dream come true. After several years in my career, I decided it was time to make a different dream come true. I left my engineering profession and engaged in some tough self-reflection. I experienced difficult yet enlightening self-awareness breakthroughs, thanks to life coaching. In hindsight, I learned why much of my professional life had felt so unfulfilling: I falsely believed my career was supposed to ‘make’ me happy.

It is time to stop living by default and start living up to your unique potential. You deserve to look forward to a brighter, deliberate future.

My life’s purpose is to help you resolve your version of career despair.

As a mental fitness trainer, my goal is to help you become happy in your professional life despite prevailing circumstances. We strategize solutions to resolve your current career issues. You will walk away with the meta skill of critically thinking your way through insurmountable career obstacles. These critical life skills also apply to all areas of your life.