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Saturday October 14, 2023: International Latina Engineer Week Conference (ILEW)

Date: October 9-14 2023
Location: October 9-13 Virtual Online
Location: October 14 In-person: UIC Student Services Building, 1200 West Harrison Street, Chicago, IL 60607

As part of the 2023 ILEW conference, you can find virtual live sessions, career opportunities, a mentoring program, scholarship, and more!

Join me from 2-2:30 Central Time at Chicago’s UIC campus for my presentation:

How to Stop Taking Things Personally at Work

A common career mistake is when we self-idenfity with our jobs—meaning we associate worthiness with the auality of our career outcomes. When we identify our being with a job, it sets us up for disempowerment, leading for frustration, disappointment, or worse. This familiar but self-defetaing practice distorts the way we view ourselves, reducing self-confidence while increasing self-doubt. Audience members will understand what it means to self-identify with a career and why it’s important to separate the two. They will gain self-awareness and realize how circumstances and work outcomes don’t have to be taken on a personal level.

Presentation Outcomes Include:

– the dangers of identifying oneself with a job

– how to separate the person from the job

– why you don’t have to take work issues personally

Join us online or in-person on Saturady October 14, 2023!


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