Upcoming Events

March 14-16. 2023 SAE International’s AeroTech Summit

Keynote Talk – Engineering or Management: What is My Right Career Path?


This keynote offers tools, tips, and tricks you can apply today to stop spinning in career indecision!

Audience takeaways include:
– Tools and tips to build decision-making skills
– Questions and ideas to explore that expand future career considerations
– A guide to career purpose that includes three pillars that will sustain each and every job, whether it be engineering, management, or other!


Don’t Like Your Job? 3 Concepts to Consider Before You Quit!

It might be tempting to jump ship when you crave something more. Here are 3 critical items to assess before you commit to your next move:
– How core values affect career (and life) satisfaction
– WHAT you do in your job is as important as HOW you do
– Seeking a dream job, or a better job, may not be the best reason to quit



Burnout Relief: Shift Your Motivation

Learn a hidden source of burnout, how to shift your energies for energizing momentum, and leave burnout behind!




Information Session Replay for Career Development Course, “Overcoming Career Constraints – What College Doesn’t Teach You”

Learn why this course will teach you what it takes to enjoy an amazing career with a future that thrives!