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Fall 2021: Life Skills Course: Overcoming Career Constraints – What College Doesn’t Teach You

Do you long for more in your career? Unsure about your next career move? Are others taking advantage of you?
If so, discover what it takes to defeat those insidious and toxic work issues so you can enjoy a robust and sustainable future!

Info Session Replay Available Here!

Sept. 15: Class 1 Starts, Open Enrollment is NOW!

Watch Class 1 below!

Twelve classes will be recorded live (no worries, you won’t be on camera!) every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern. Corresponding class worksheets integrate lectures so you can apply concepts to your life. This self-paced course requires approximately 12 hours total, one hour per class (30 minute lecture plus worksheets).

Watch the Class from Sept. 15, 2021: “Why You are Held Back”
View Class 1 of “Overcoming Career Constraints – What College Doesn’t Teach You”

Open Enrollment is NOW!

All classes are recorded, watch at your own pace!