Life Skills Group Course

Group Course: “Overcoming Career Constraints – What College Doesn’t Teach You

Happy employees are productive employees! Empower and enable your employees to create a healthy life and a robust career!

Course Premise: Professional growth comes from personal growth.

Course Description: This course was designed to help students and professionals build a solid internal foundation (including but not limited to upgrading their self-awareness, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, decision-making, etc.) which translates to a solid external career.

Course Outline:

Module I: Career Stagnation

Propel career forward

  • Class 1:
    • Why You are Held Back
  • Class 2:
    • Emotional Substitution, How to Apply Thoughts & Feelings
  • Class 3:
    • What You Can (and Cannot) Control
  • Class 4:
    • Purpose of Goals, Career Investment

Module I Topics:

Career Indecision
Work Relationships
Imposter Syndrome

Module II: Career Dependency

Establish personal autonomy

  • Class 1:
    • Emotional Careers and Self-Identity
  • Class 2:
    • Self-Confidence and Self-Sabotage
  • Class 3:
    • Autonomous Tools for Independent Life
  • Class 4:
    • Authenticity and Vulnerability

Module II Topics:

Personal Identity
Career Outcomes

Module III: Career Unfulfillment

Create career purpose

  • Class 1:
    • Authenticity, Leadership, Influence
  • Class 2:
    • Where is Your Dream Job?
  • Class 3:
    • Happiness, Success and Failure
  • Class 4:
    • Career Purpose and Your Future

Module III Topics:


Course Outcomes:

Module I – Employees recognize various ways they are held back so they can start to defeat these obstacles and create forward momentum.

Module II – Learn to lean on and depend on the self to fulfill emotional needs, which creates professional independence and expands career opportunities.

Module III – Employees discover why striving for the ‘wrong’ career outcomes will leave them disappointed, and they learn the pillars of career purpose – which is applicable to ALL despite career status!

Course Delivery Options:

Virtual Self-Development Webinar Series

Virtual Platform to be arranged on an organizational basis.

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Speaking for Your Professional Organization

Forty-Five Minute Presentations

Career Purpose: Why Your Approach to Work Isn’t Working

Established engineering professionals anticipate a fulfilling career and a rewarding future. Much to your dismay, sometimes career outcomes disappoint, and work satisfaction seems more like a pipe dream. Worse, your desperate attempts to solve this dilemma fall short. Learn the reasons behind career unfulfillment, what your career purpose looks like, and how to adjust your approach accordingly.

Career Attachment: Blending Self & Work Identity

You might believe overworking proves your worthiness to your employer, especially during the pandemic. As you become attached to your employment, it becomes more difficult to draw personal boundaries, despite knowing it is the right thing. You will learn the unintended consequences of career attachment and what it takes to set healthy boundaries.

Career Path: What is My Right Career Path?

Too many people waste precious time and remain stuck in a futile attempt to determine the ‘right’ career path. It’s no wonder they cannot find an answer to this close-minded question; it’s not the right question to be asking! It assumes there is one right and many wrong answers. This presentation will open the mind to newfound possibilities as it offers flexible questions to ignite one’s career.

Career Stagnation and Indecision

All of us are prone to the “what am I doing with my life” syndrome. Perhaps you are distressed by too many enticing options. If chronic indecision plagues you, the result includes wasted time and negative career momentum. Strengthen your decision-making abilities and confidently create forward movement in your career.

Self-Confidence and People-Pleasing

Do you obey authority and please others too much? At the heart of people-pleasing lies the question, “what will they think of me?” This self-confidence drill will expose how your confidence is lacking and why. You will explore the meaning of self-confidence, why it’s critical to your wellbeing, and how you can work towards building more.

Work Relationships: When Others Disappoint

Let’s face it, bad bosses are real and unremarkable colleagues exist. At some point, you may have to work for or work with people who are not the most reliable. There is a saying that “people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses.” Find out how to address poor leadership, indolent colleagues, or toxic work environments. Learn whether it is worth leaving the situation to seek a better outcome elsewhere, and how you can work towards building more.