I was cold-contacted by a staffing agency. They were looking for an associate researcher. I aced the interview process (four interviews!) and told them I thought I was qualified for the position above the one I interviewed for.

And all along the interview process I advocated for my needs. I stood my ground when they tried to low-ball me on pay. I really HELD in my heart the sovereignty of being willing to walk away from the offer. And I think they picked up on that. I think they were afraid to lose me.

I drew a few boundaries in the interview process and that actually ended up being in my favor in the final interview because they said they were looking for someone who is capable of communicating the limitations of the research when a lot is being expected from them. They needed someone who would stand up to stakeholders asking for too much, basically. So, in standing up for myself in the interview process, they saw that I had that quality.

I thought about our conversation, Gina, about how workers often assume they have no power. I went into this confident in my ability to communicate my needs!

I feel that I came in strong and fighting and it will serve me well later down the line. Our conversations and your coaching helped me pivot my perspective on my worth and how I should advocate for myself. And NOW, I am equipping OTHER young women that I know with this same empowerment and career knowledge.

You really are doing good work that is rippling outward, even into other countries. 😊