Undoubtedly a great coach! If you want to reach new heights, work with Gina Covarrubias! I used to question myself and replay my conversations and meetings so that I could critique myself constantly, until I met Gina. Now, I have confidence and trust in myself and my ability to work well and efficiently.

She has coached me well. Her expertise has helped me in both my personal relationships and professional aspirations. Gina has taught me that’s it’s possible to reach all of my goals. Working with her has given me the ability to take many more risks that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Being an entrepreneur and business owner is sometimes lonely. She has encouraged me to grow my circles of influence and I now belong to a mastermind group that has been both challenging and edifying. I love daily growth. Gina is informed and relevant. Today I’m in a position to grow more quickly. I am a better person after working together with her. Her tools are powerful and effective. Practice makes permanent! If you have opportunity to work with her, don’t miss out! Your goals in life are worth it!