#65 Seeking a New Job? Don’t Do This!

seeking a new job

The Great Resignation of 2021 is still upon us as of January 2022. Whether you are seeking a new job, thinking about it, or gearing up to join the workforce again, do not make this one fatal mistake!

Actions Matter 

Let’s make it perfectly clear that your actions and behaviors will help you secure your next job. When seeking a new job, it is reasonable to assume you will take the necessary steps. Some of these actions will be done solo; others, with the assistance of mentors/recruiters.

Your actions will include resume perfection, interview preparation, and sufficient employer research. You may conduct informational interviews with new contacts (LinkedIn is great for this). The list of actions to perform in the job search process can be numerous and vital.

No doubt, these meticulously produced activities play a pivotal role in your future. But, how can you maximize your job search preparations for optimum results?

This Matters More

I will offer a critical and powerful secret that, when seeking a new job, many people do not consider.

While taking the proper actions can be somewhat effective, it may not be enough. This is because the energy behind your actions equals the energy others receive from you.

Hence, the energy and intent behind your resume will be noticed and noted. Your verbal conversations, email communications, body language, etc. mirror the vibes YOU insert into your actions.

Don’t Do This!

Therefore, do not craft a resume out of desperation or frustration. Avoid conversations with potential employers if you’re feeling stuck, unhappy, or resentful. Interviewers and recruiters are clever enough to detect this! Negative energy will be a turn off, despite your noble actions.

When seeking a new job: don’t mistakenly fuel your job search by the disappointment of your current status/position! The negative (or positive) energy you embed into your actions will resurface one way or another. 

For further guidance and additional steps to propel your job search, I invite you to watch Influencing Your Job Search Outcome

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