#90 I Used to Have Plans and Dreams. What Happened?

used to have plans and dreams

Did you used to have plans and dreams that offered warm fuzzies in your younger years? For many people, plans and dreams unfortunately seem to become a distant reality with age. 

I. Set the World on Fire

Life was so different when we were young!

Youngsters can be adeptly skilled at things that would make experienced professionals hide for their lives, such as:

  • fighting for movements and new ideas
  • standing up for what they believe in without apology
  • being authentic and fearless while taking risks
  • motivation to do whatever it takes in the name of progress

How liberating it felt for some of us to be young and ready to set the world on fire!

But young also has its own challenges, such as inexperience and naivety. 

II. New Thinking

According to neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, in his video Learn How to Reprogram Your Mind:

“95% of who you are by the time you’re 35 years old is a set of memorized behaviors, emotional reactions, beliefs, reactions, and attitudes that run just like a computer program.”

What’s done it done, and we cannot change the past. But, we can generate new beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes while formulating newfound, desirable dreams. As you envision your life many years from now, what would your future self tell you today?

Here is a list of helpful questions to contemplate. “If I fast-forward my life and think of myself 20 years from now…

  • what will I be glad I tried?”
  • what will I regret not trying?”
  • what will I regret not knowing?”
  • what will I regret not saying and to whom?”
  • what will I be most thankful for?”
  • what would I want to share with the world?”
  • what do I hope people will say about me?”

III. Compounding

It is never too late to dream, to plan or to prepare. If there are things you’d like to do, see, and experience, you can start to work at it day-by-day. It’s about taking baby steps and being patient enough to allow them to compound, just like a financial investment.

For a fantastic suggestion on habit creation, see the previous blog, Post #89, How to Form Better Habits.

You must want the future enough to be willing to go through the process of trying, failing, and trying again as long as it takes until you get there. 

A few final thought-provoking questions to exercise your brain:

  • Are you willing to handle a new process long enough while also loving yourself through every moment until you manifest a new dream?
  • More poignantly, what if your purpose is to consistently pursue journeys of evolvement and growth while embracing failure… and putting up with a lot of crap along the way… all while remaining at peace with yourself?

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