#5 Do You Want to Feel Better?

want to feel better

Why can’t you shake the lingering feeling of anxiety or annoyance…why is it you always want to feel better regardless of the situation? I’m going to help you understand why you feel the way you do and how you can turn it around.

Your Perceptions

It is not an easy skill to master, but you do have the ability to take control over more of your life. You are not at the effect of your surroundings as much as you may believe. Commanding your life starts not with your surroundings, but with your interpretation of your surroundings.

We all see what we believe. This is referred to as confirmation bias. If you believe, for example, dairy is bad for the body, your brain will seek evidence to prove this belief. Therefore, it is critical for you to understand your thoughts and beliefs … what is your brain trying to prove?

Deliberate Thoughts

Feelings are energy in your body, an arrangement between body chemistry and tissues. Your feelings are generated by each and every thought you have in your brain, whether they be intentional or not. 

Imagine a world in which you possess the ability to think every thought with intention. What if every thought served a distinct purpose – as opposed to allowing your thoughts to just happen (see Post #17)? Learning to think deliberately translates to feeling better because your thinking triggers all feelings inside your body. 

Managing your mind, i.e., managing your thinking, will help you if you want to feel better. Your brain is going to keep on thinking whether you direct it or not.  This is one powerful secret to feeling better – take charge of your mind by thinking with intent. Thinking on purpose makes you feel on purpose. 

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