#8 Where is Your Dream Job?

Perhaps you’re currently in your very first professional job.  Perhaps you’ve been around the block for a while and you’ve worked for many employers under many job titles.  Or, you could be somewhere in between the two extremes.  But one thing you’re sure of:  you’re still on the hunt for that dream job.  Where is it and why haven’t you found it yet?

There are plenty of marketing messages that feed into the idea that a dream job exists.  For example, colleges love to brag about rankings and about how their students obtain such wonderful jobs.  Social media is a big proponent of helping people find their dream jobs.  Recruiters, career coaches and career strategists like to showcase their abilities to place people into their dream jobs.  The idea of a dream job is rampant in our society.  To an extent, professionals who have worked extremely hard and sacrificed much feel entitled to finding their dream jobs. 

The problem?  Maybe there is no dream job out there.  In fact, I would say most professionals have never been able to find their dream job.  There are certainly some people who do, which is fantastic for them.  But if you are on the hunt, you may be searching for a long time … this ideal job may not be out there like you believe.  I’m not trying to crush your soul or your dreams; rather, I’m trying to give you a heads up.  It is very possible that you’re looking for something that does not exist. 

Where does that leave you?  It leaves you with a fantastic education that you earned.  It leaves you with the responsibility to utilize your current position to your advantage.  Learn all you can, network as much as you can and maximize your training.  Perform your current job and perform it very well before you look to the next one.   

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