Your Future is Bright – True or False?

#10 Your Future is Bright – True or False?

You are looking forward to your next training, your next professional conference or your next job title.  The future is wide open, and your possibilities seem endless.  Your career could take multiple turns for the better.  Correct? Or not so much?  Perhaps you’re not in this boat at all and it sounds too good to be true.  

What is true about your future?  Two important things to keep in mind.  Firstly, your future does not depend on your employer.  It does not depend on your colleagues, your boss, your recruiter or your friends.  Please do not believe the idea that others are somehow responsible for the way your future unfolds.  And do not believe the idea that others play a role in your destiny.

Which leads to my second point: you are 100% responsible for creating your own future.  This is a job for you and you only.  You are responsible for your own resume, your credentials and your social media reputation. Most importantly, you are responsible for the way you present yourself to others.  This sounds like basic information to some of you but to others it is eye-opening.  You possess your own brain, therefore, it is your responsibility to create your own future, which includes the positive and the negative. 

I challenge you to take time to reflect on your current activities.  How are your actions today going to affect your world tomorrow, next month or next year?   If you are simply coasting along waiting for good things to happen, you’ll be waiting a long time.  Take a proactive role in your future by planning now.  Understand how you need to evolve and grow, sometimes a bit painfully, then go out and create a fantastic future.

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