#13 How Much Do You Depend on Your Employer?

To what extent are you dependent upon your employer?  Hmmm… do you depend on them to provide stability, security, or intellectual stimulation?  How about health insurance, retirement accounts and money?  Perhaps you rely on your employer for happiness, self-identity or a way to pass the time?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, please continue reading to understand how you are abdicating your own power.

I challenge you to read this sentence, several times, and analyze your thoughts around it: “I depend on my employer for nothing, I depend on my brain for everything.”  How can this be true, you ask!  Your mentality, your actions and all your decisions have brought you to this moment.  You created your results by previous decisions made by your own brain.  Your current employment, which is a result of your working hard & passing an interview, is not a stroke of good luck.  As an aside, you should never feel “lucky” that you are employed – do not believe those words out of anyone’s mouth.  Rather, your employment, along with all of its benefits, is a consequence you created all by yourself using the most powerful resource on the planet: your own BRAIN.

When you learn to rely on your brain, not your employer, your world opens in fascinating ways.  You will be liberated knowing that all will be perfectly okay should you unexpectedly be let go.  A reliance on your brain, not your employer, allows you to engage in habits that you wouldn’t otherwise, such as saying no to the boss or happily working 40 hrs/wk instead of 60+.  A dependence on your brain, not your employer, allows reasonable freedom to create a life that’s uninhibited by employment constraints.  Your brain knows how to figure out tough answers to tough problems.  A reliance on your own brainpower will allow you to be more robust, self-reliant, self-aware and less stressed. 

If you lose everything tomorrow, including your job, your money your house … what will you do?  I guarantee, you will turn to your brain for answers.  Do not wait until crisis hits.  Learn to rely on yourself and your brain to get you through all experiences life has to offer.  Your employer is not the end all be all solution to your existence.  Rather, your employer is merely a temporary tool for you to use at your disposal.  Remember: “I depend on my employer for nothing, I depend on my brain for everything.”

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