#2 Are You Going Through the Motions at Work?

I’d like to challenge you to be honest with yourself.  Sometimes admitting that things have not gone as planned is the first step to making changes for the better.  So, ask yourself: “How long have I been going through the motions, and why?”

Let’s first understand what it means to be going through the motions.  This means you most likely dread getting out of bed knowing you must head to work.  You more than likely choose to put forth a satisfactory effort over a spectacular effort.  Boredom, daydreaming and job searching may occur daily.  People going through the motions adjust their work performance to what they believe is proportional to their salary.  If you do your work in accordance with feeling unmotivated, resentful or a variety of other negative emotions, you are probably going through the motions.

The good news is that your professional life does not have to suffer this fate.  There is a myriad of options for you to get yourself out of this cycle.  Some of the obvious choices include new employment, new certifications, or other college degrees.  Are you ready and willing to take those leaps?

If the answer is yes, then you should go for it and make a commitment to be all in, 100%.  If the answer is no, I would like to offer another alternative.  What if you could remain exactly where you are in your current position and be motivated to do your job?  How would your world change for the better if you did not have to go through the motions?  This powerful alternative is available to you because I understand what it takes to get you to that place.  My specialty is to show you what it takes to get out of your professional rut.  

What is it costing you?

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