#3 Who are You?

Is it time to hit your personal reset button? If you were to fill a page with answers to today’s question, what would they reveal? You might feel lost, disappointed, or unsure about the meaning of your existence. Don’t allow yourself to exist among the living dead!

Right vs Wrong

The first step in changing your life for the better is to acknowledge its current status. Think about today’s question and answer honestly, as much as it may sting. Some helpful hints: there is no right or wrong answer; identities change over time; you get to decide who you are. If I haven’t mentioned, you get to decide who you are. Despite all the things that happen in your world, you decide who you get to be.

You get to be you, end of story. This is important if you feel confused, unjustified or pressured to be something you’re not. Too often, people believe things that happened to them in the past define who they are. And too often, people define themselves by their failures, mistakes or regrets.

Imagine summarizing all your accomplishments. Think about the sacrifices you make for others. How about all the times you defeated those tough obstacles that almost set you back. There are many positives about your life – I help people dig down to find them. When you think about who you are, do not forget to give yourself credit for making an impact on the world.

Think for yourself: who are you? See Post #17.

Your Obligation

It’s tempting to get down on yourself for the things you couldn’t do “right.” Here is a golden nugget for you. Knowing your identity in this world translates to acknowledging the way you view yourself. It is not only something you control, but it is your personal duty to yourself.

Do not allow circumstances, other people or your career to determine who you are as a human – that is your job. If you can’t catch a grip, or if you don’t want to face who you are, it’s time for mental recalibration. That is my function in life. I am an unbiased guide who will lead you toward discovering yourself. It’s as simple as sending me a note: gina@deliberatedoing.com.

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