#3 Who are you?

It’s time to hit your personal reset button.  If you were to fill a page with answers to today’s blog question, “Who are you?”, what would your answers reveal?  You might feel lost, disappointed, or unsure about the meaning of your existence.   That could be a tough cookie to swallow, but the first step in changing your life for the better is to recognize its current status.

So, think about today’s question and be as honest as you can.  Some helpful hints as you try to determine who you are:  there is no right or wrong answer; identities change over time; you get to decide who you are.  If I haven’t mentioned this yet, you get to decide who you are.  Despite all the things that happen in your world, you decide who you get to be.

This is important to know if you feel confused or if you have a hard time answering today’s question.  Too often, people believe the things that happen to them define who they are.  And too often, people define themselves by their failures, mistakes or regrets.  Instead of viewing the past as being positive, you might get down on yourself for the things you couldn’t do “right.”

I want to offer some guidance to you.  Knowing your identity in this world, i.e., acknowledging the way you view yourself, is not just something you control but it is a duty you have to yourself.  Do not allow circumstances, other people or your career to determine who you are as a human: that is your own job.  If you don’t have a grip on who you are, or if you don’t want to face who you are, I challenge you to do some exploratory thought work.  Write down the answers to today’s question and have a look.  You might be amazed at the challenges this exercise can introduce.

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